Handsewing Vs Machine lock stitching

Hello and welcome. If you are here it means you are interested in knowing some more about stitching.

While it’s pretty easy to find a stitching, in our bags, our wallets, our clothes and so on, it’s important to put an eye on a “detail”, because it’s everything but that.

Usually we care about the brand, the material, the craftsmanship. And they are all important factors. But the most important thing is actually the stitching itself.

Have you ever asked yourself “why when a thread breaks several stitches unravel?”

The answer lies in the stitching. The machine is way faster than human hands and it’s good it exists. For example, stitching a belt for a machine takes minutes while a handsewing it could take several hours, sometimes up to 2 days.
Moreover the machine makes it a lot cheaper: you can find a standard belt for cheap while a handsewn one rarely costs less than a hundred dollars.

All this has an explanation. Even if they look similar, handstitching isn’t just the same job performed by hands. They are two completely different worlds.

The machine uses two threads and performs an interlocking between them.
Handsewing takes only one thread and is a longer process: drawing the stitching line, performing all holes before the stitching itself, calculate thread’s length needed and make it with patience and accuracy.

But all this work has major advantages.

  • For handmade leather crafts usually a thicker thread is used, impossible to break with bare hands;
  • When (or better, if) the thread breaks the other half of it will hold the material intact.

“A handsewn good is the quintessence of uniqueness” – Daniele Caselli

As it’s easy to notice from the picture above, with a machine we can have different colors of the thread for each side, while a proof of handstitching is alternate color: impossible for a machine to make something like it.

Following pictures are taken from a 100% handmade belt, made in June 2017:
“Sudden Darkness”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!

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